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I answer your question, what is a Decentralized Application known as a DAPP. Join me in this quick and dirty video to help learn more about DAPPS and decentralization. Don’t forget too….
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For those who would like to also follow along with the video, or prefer to read the information, here’s the video script for reference:

What’s going on crypto family, so today I’m going to introduce you to Decentralized Applications a.k.a. Dapps. Dapps are a type of software which are a huge part of what we talk about when we discuss various blockchain, crypto, and other various up and coming apps.

Decentralization is the backbone and really the whole foundation of what’s happening with this changing data structure. Decentralization of applications and processes that we work with daily is something that started out as a concept and is now growing into a real game-changer for how the world is doing business.

Decentralization is a response to the way we have interacted online and the problems that go along with it. Before we can get into what Dapps really are and what they mean for the future, we have to understand what Centralized Apps are.

Centralized apps can be summed up pretty quickly. If you want an example of a centralized app, well, it’s just about all of the mainstream ones. A centralized application is something that is connected to and runs on a single server or, more commonly, a specific server cluster usually owned by one party or organization. This is pretty standard operation for how data is stored, used, and shared.

I’m sure you have experienced a website that wouldn’t load because the server was down. That’s because no matter how big a website or app may be, they all rely on a physical server to keep them running and available to the public. Now, if we look at the history of web servers, you can kind of see how we have been slowly marching toward decentralization over time.

The primary purpose of a web server has always been to store, process, and deliver web pages allowing people to connect to information. Additionally, Web servers enable the data to go the other direction as well.

The server’s first job is to connect you with content–making sure that when you type in a web address or click on a link–that the page you want actually loads. Secondly, it processes user-submitted information, such as web forms and log-in information. This all sounds pretty basic, I know, but the critical point here is how things have evolved.

So, as I said, we have been on the road to decentralization for a long time. Here’s why I say that — technology changes to meet new demands. I want you to think about the video you are watching right now. Almost five billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. Does that sound like a crazy statistic? Well, how about this one? Three hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. These videos are viewed by billions of users around the world.

Maybe you are watching this video on a social media site. Here are some more crazy stats. Facebook has around 2.3 billion users. These users post and view pictures, videos, send messages, use video chat, and even run businesses on the platform. Now back in the old days of the internet, people would sit and patiently wait for one picture to finish loading on a webpage.

However, As the demand grew for doing more with the world wide web, the technology had to grow as well. My whole point in mentioning all of that is that centralized servers have had to adapt to these changes. Facebook has hundreds of thousands of servers to keep it running. Google Data Centers, which host YouTube’s data, among others, just in 2016, had an estimated 2.5 million servers at their disposal. These are still centralized servers, but the much larger clusters are more network-based and handle increased demands more effectively than older server systems.

So what’s the difference between centralized server clusters and decentralized applications? Dapps basically take the network concept to a new level. In general, instead of the records of an app’s operation being stored on a private server, they are now on a publicly accessible blockchain for transparency and ease of access. Also, many Daaps leverage peer to peer computing to share the computation burden rather than having a centralized server or cluster.

This offers two huge advantages to Daaps. First of all, reliability. Remember when I said Facebook has hundreds of thousands of servers? You probably also remember at least hearing about Facebook being down because of a server problem.

Decentralized apps make it much more difficult for an application to go offline because it is supported by a global network. Second, Dapps improve trust because of open-source information rather than taking the word of a company about what an app does and doesn’t do.

Let’s take a closer look at that last point because it’s one of the most significant issues surrounding blockchain. Safety and privacy have always been an essential issue for user applications, but also a challenging thing to deal with.

Think about when you download an app on your phone. There is a list of permissions you have to grant to the app such as accessing your contacts, camera, device location and all that kind of stuff. Many of these are reasonable needs. Google maps kind of has to know your location to function. Instagram needs to access your camera and gallery, things like that. But once you grant access to an app, how do you know what it’s doing with that information?

How do you know it’s not spying on you or harvesting data? Well, you kind of have to take the developer’s word for it. A couple of examples of this is with Facebook and Google, and the amount of data they collect on every one of their users. Another example that gave many a scare just this last year was the recent viral app called “Face App” with their AI Aging filter.

Many people only after the fact realized that by using the AI aging filter in the app, they actually gave their photo to the company’s central servers for their picture to be processed, and there was a big scare… that people essentially gave the Russian start-up access to more information than they didn’t intend too.

But most open-source applications on the blockchain have their processes laid out and visible. This allows you to see what the app does, not just what you are told it does. Overall, Dapps are a significant part of the blockchain evolution, and they show a lot of potential for improved functionality and security in our interaction with a variety of applications. There are also incentivization that goes along with many of the different Dapps out there, but we won’t go into that in this video.

The technology holds much promise. However, it’s still in the early stages, and it’ll be pretty cool to see what new developments happen and where the tech goes in the coming years. I personally like the idea of having decentralized apps that give more power to the people, more freedom, security, stability, and ultimately more control. It’s a brave new world we are moving into!

So in closing, Hopefully, this video has been a good introduction into what a Dapp is, for you.

Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are and what you might want to see us cover in a future video!

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