The Solution-Operation Sunlight

by | Mar 28, 2021 | YouTube Videos

Our great President Trump told us the only force strong enough to stop this corruption is us but as my wife says he didn’t tell us how to do it asides vote for him.
I’ll do my best to tell us how and then how we can grow this movement together. We can do this, we have a SIMPLE call to action at the end that God willing, with a small amount of us can wake up enough to where we can peacefully start to take back our republic. Don’t miss it! 1PM PST. GOD BLESS YA! Part 2 of 2


Operation Sunlight

Operation Sunlight

Operation Sunlight Are you angry yet? If not you should check your pulse as you should be livid! Every day we are seeing more and more of America erode. We see our leadership appear to act in their or their special interest buddies interests and not ours. We see them...


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